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The boons of a much frowned upon mode of education

Online studies have often been called out for being inconsistent and are making the state of education worse.
At first, I agreed. But then I sat back one day and thought about it as my laptop lay in front of me. Online study has many benefits that often go over our heads because we take it for granted.

One thing that often ends up being troublesome for students- especially during their higher education- is the struggle to get about a million study materials/ books and trying to get test series at the lowest price. Often the time taken to go to a coaching center for a test or a coaching class ends up burning the student up and taking up a lot of the time off their day. The bulk of books, managing their time travelling- it becomes quite hard for a student to manage it all.

  • POST BY:Saumashree De
  • September 06, 2020
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Online learning platforms have become exceptionally useful and relevant in our ever-changing world of events. From classrooms directly to your personal screens, these platforms have made us receive knowledge at the palm of our hands. As the world changes, knowledge also expands making its access more and more challenging to people of every generation. Advancement in technology has created a beneficial foundation for the development of e-learning platforms, with the key motivation to make education and learning accessible across geographic boundaries and generations of learners.
  • POST BY:Anwesha Chakraborty
  • August 31, 2020
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Online Classes and Study Materials are highly on demand

Due to the uncertainty created by Corona Virus (COVID-19) and the complete or partial shutdown globally lot of school students are facing issues to continue their regular study activities. It is affecting their routine practice especially for the higher and secondary schools throughout the world.

  • April 13, 2020
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