How to Take Online SAT Practice Test

Official practice online SAT tests mimic the real scenario and to take advantage of these, you will need to recreate real-time SAT test ambiance.

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Take test in single sitting

If possible take every SAT practice test in one sitting. Actually, for SAT test intense concentration for long period is needed. If you practice marathon testing sessions then it will be very helpful on the test day.

  • June 08, 2018
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Timing needs to be perfect

Students find problem in timing each SAT section. If extra time is given for practice session then it would not be helpful on the test day.

Identify your mistakes after each test

Practice tests allow students to learn from their errors and improve. Tons of practice can be waste of time, if you never rechecked and identified your weaknesses.

Never attempt every practice test at once

Optimal practice materials available online are limited. Therefore, use them wisely. It means move to another practice test only after reviewing your errors from preceding one, thoroughly. Re-do the questions, which were tough and then move to the next test.

SAT practice material options

Practice materials available are limited, if you are someone who is studying intensely. However, there is some quality study material available.

·         PSAT practice tests

PSAT practice tests are not perfect match but closely mimics the new SAT. The style of the paper is very much same you will experience on test day.

·         SAT prep book

You are concerned about the online SAT prep material, which are available for free and will wish to ensure that the SAT prep book is close to real exam scenario, so as to study effectively. You can check online for updated study material from legitimate source.

·         College Board resources

Besides a comprehensive official SAT practice tests other College Board provides other practice materials. Visit their website for reading, math, writing, language, and essay sections practice questions.

·         Unofficial free tests

These are also good resources for students doing plenty of prep and need extra study material. However, as these are unofficial tests you need to be careful.

·         As these are free the quality is not up to the standard as paid ones.

·         Testing is not conducted like the one you will experience on real SAT.

Such tests are helpful for those, who are already high scorer. However, search on the internet you are sure to get tips on how to use unofficial tests.

December 11, 2020
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