Indian Students are looking for Online Classes from Class 1 to Class 12 CBSE

Indian Students are desperately looking for Online classes for Study and Practicing Mock Tests


Online Classes and Study Materials are highly on demand

Due to the uncertainty created by Corona Virus (COVID-19) and the complete or partial shutdown globally lot of school students are facing issues to continue their regular study activities. It is affecting their routine practice especially for the higher and secondary schools throughout the world.

  • April 13, 2020
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Online Studies in India

Indian schools starting from government to private every organizations are currently closed to avoid any spread as per strict Government rules. School Students are affecting most as they cannot go to institute as per their regular routine even their own coaching centers or private institute. Parents are equally worried about their future as in higher classes the syllabus may not be covered up by the schools or coaching centers.

To avoid and keep the habit ‘ON’ Indian students and parents are now looking for alternative process aggressively. In western countries like United States, Europe region the Online Coaching and practice Tests services are running long back and students are aware of the leading services, in India it is still not popular as Students are mostly looking for free Practice Tests that are not well defined and even mostly erroneous.

Self Online Study one of the most compact service available in the Online domain where thousands of students globally getting the services for respective countries available courses.

In India, Self Online Study introduces JEE Main and NEET along with CBSE Class 11 and Class 12 for Science Subjects Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology.

The detail services have been released.


How Self Online Study Works?

Self Online Study has defined the Student’s requirement for online tutoring and practice services basis on two fundamental needs.

1. Foundation Course

2. Fast Track Mock Test

How Fundamental Course works for Self Online Study?

Self Online Study is providing 10 steps sequentially on Fundamental Courses:

1.    Online Recorded Chapter wise Curriculum Sessions from expert teachers.

2.    Briefing of chapters and sections in Curriculum notes.

3.    Month wise chapter preparation and performance milestones defined by mentors.

4.    Samples Question & Answers

5.    Chapter wise Practice Test sessions and Student’s performance analysis.

6.    Customized Subject wise Test set

7.    Student’s performance analysis and recommendation.

8.    Student’s Attendance.

9.    Offline Downloadable Question Banks.

10. LIVE doubt clearing sessions from experience teachers through virtual video conferencing


How Fast Track Mock Test works for Self Online Study?

Self Online Study has designed this module for final year Students and confident achievers who can take series of real time Mock Test papers for several times and get the result immediately after the test is done. Self Online Study provides the result along with resolution and hints/solutions with each MCQ so that student can get the brief report and can analyze his/her weaker section of the particular subject/chapters.

On demand basis, the Doubt clearing sessions for Mock tests are also included in the Fast Track service.